Happy Customers

The One Day Retreat led by Carola Pavlik was very valuable for me! The guidance for a day like this is tailor-made for her: she approaches it with love, positive energy, and compassion. The creative aspect appealed to me greatly. I left feeling relaxed and with positive new ideas. Highly recommended!

Nicole Smolders

This wonderful day was given to me as a cherished gift from a dear friend, who sensed my need for rejuvenation.
Carola guided us through the day with so much love and warmth. And she knows exactly how to deepen into personal reflection by adding mental as physical exercises, a wonderful healthy lunch, peace, creativity and fun! I highly recommend it because it’s a moment to stand still and think about yourself or for a friend who needs it.
Yvonne Lorang

What an amazing day! I enjoyed it so much, and it was in a fantastic location, a true oasis of tranquility. I truly found this to be a fantastic experience, and I’d love to be a part of it again! Carola, you’re truly outstanding! The overall care, the attentive ear, the genuine interest – everything was perfect.

It has also provided me with many new insights, such as a different perspective on things. I particularly appreciated and enjoyed the breathing techniques. The relaxation techniques are also very beneficial, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of stress. 🦋🙏🏻

Roos van der Putten

I participated in the One Day Retreat Selflove Edition and what a gift this was! Carola is a warm and friendly person with whom I immediately felt at ease. The day was well organized where we also started creating mood boards in addition to yoga and it gave me new and positive insights. What I enjoyed the most are the meditations!

Carola has such a nice voice and can accompany this well!! The breathing exercises were also very nice to do, especially because I received an email at the end of the day with the instructions to get started with this at home. An incredibly fun and inspiring day that I would really recommend to everyone!! 

Sabrina Imambaks

This is something everyone should do! Treat yourself to this day. It starts with the journey there, an idyllic location, an impressive building, a delicious lunch, and tasty snacks. Then comes the retreat led by Carola, wow! With wholehearted dedication and love, she guides this day. I feel so much better! Thank you, dear beautiful Carola, namasté 🤍

Vanessa Lievaart

I greatly enjoyed the Self Love Retreat. During the retreat, I further opened my heart and got to know myself better.

Wonderfully relaxed, which became more apparent as the day progressed. Blissful to truly detach from everything for a while.

Nice retreat. Excellent instructor with a pleasant energy, positivity, and a very soothing voice.

Very surprising, beautiful, and positive.

Amal Kaluf

A beautiful and inspiring day that I would truly recommend to everyone.

I definitely recommend this one-day retreat. Carola is very professional and provides a lot of care and positive energy.

Claire de Jager

I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves at a point in their life when they may not know it all, what is truly important in life. Thanks, Carola, for the valuable insights!

Vicky van Everdingen

It was a great experience. Carola takes the time to make everyone feel comfortable and explains things well. The structure of the day was pleasant with a lot of variety. Although I initially didn’t find the creative exercise very meaningful, I was convinced of its added value afterwards. I came for peace and relaxation, and this was more than successful. I will definitely come back!

Chantal Spoelstra

You are taken on a very special journey. I feel stronger and more relaxed. I had no idea what this could do, but I am very grateful for this day! Carola ensures that you feel safe and cared for. A true investment in yourself.

Floor Kotkamp

Experienced an incredibly inspiring and meaningful day under professional guidance at a beautiful location. It provided me with direction and helped gain certain insights. Highly recommended for everyone! It’s more than just that one day; it’s an experience that everyone should treat themselves to!

Arianne Logher

Fantastic location, an inspiring day, truly an experience, a journey. Fantastic guidance with a great voice and delightful music. Very clear explanations and loaded with information along with practical tips and exercises for home and everyday life. Blissful lunch.

Nancy Bellekom

A wonderfully beautiful day, a complete package of reflection, breathwork, yoga, meditation, and meaning. Much gratitude!

Fantastic retreat, lovingly catering to individual needs. Top-notch location for this program. The group size is just right.

What a gift this day has been. Everyone should treat themselves to this day. My mind is still, and my body has found peace. I am going home with a grateful feeling.

Astrid ter Huurne

Fantastic day, relaxing, active, and purposeful, filled with self-love – perfect!

Surprising retreat, highly recommended! It’s wonderful to spend an entire Sunday focusing on your desires, something new for me. What if you could dream like a child again, what would you want to do?

Suzanne Berghuis

Lovely, in complete peace, relaxation, and trust, being able to brainstorm about this together with wonderful fellow participants. Useful exercises and relaxation in a beautiful setting. Thank you, Carola, for this wonderful experience and the great guidance.

Esther Wittenberg

Carola gives you a warm feeling and brings you home to yourself. Thanks to her unique voice, you find tranquility and learn various techniques to discover your physical capabilities. Yoga is about awareness, and Carola takes you by the hand to experience it. Thank you for that.

Charlotte de Bruin

Fantastic one-day retreat where you receive valuable tools. Skillful and inspiring guidance throughout the day by the instructor, and a very beautiful location with excellent care and atmosphere.

Merel Hucik

This day brought me peace, and I experienced it as healing, with a lovely connection among women and a pleasant atmosphere.

Fleur Hillenaar

A beautiful and inspiring day that I would truly recommend to everyone.

I found Carola’s guidance very comforting and incredibly loving. Above all, she had the ability to uncover and expertly guide matters.

Veronica van de Braak

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