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“Getting people moving and enabling their growth truly excites my heart”


“Every individual is unique and essentially complete. Throughout our lives, we often develop certain beliefs and patterns through the experiences we go through. These challenges are also an invitation to look at your life differently, where your mental, emotional, and physical bodies play a significant role.

At Your Life Academy, we aim to provide a beautiful platform for those open to growth, offering a serene space for introspection. Through retreats, our goal is to get people moving and facilitate their growth. That’s what truly excites my heart.”


“Life is always in motion, and so are we as humans. The past 15 years have been a significant journey, with personal development at the forefront. My experience has taught me that awareness and creating connections can take various forms, from reflective art and yoga to meditation and coaching.

From the outside, my life seemed perfect, aligning with societal standards of success. However, internally, it felt empty. After years of persisting, I decided to follow my intuition, leading to a detox journey at a holistic retreat in Asia. It was the best decision ever!

There, I learned what it takes to connect with oneself and listen to one’s heart and desires. Upon returning to the Netherlands, I decided to radically change my own life.

Self-development and awareness have always fascinated me; in my teenage years, I began reading practical psychology books.”


“During my studies and over the past 20 years of my career, people have always been the common thread. In my twenties, it became clear to me how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle and to follow your heart.

I also noticed within organizations that there was little attention given to aspects such as stress reduction and the balance between work and private life.

Often, significant changes in one’s life unfortunately come through impactful events. Adversity or loss can, besides bringing sorrow, also carry a gift. For me, out of pain, my mirror art emerged. The focus is on reflecting yourself in the artwork, where positively influencing your mind and body consciousness are essential themes.”

“In addition to coaching and guiding people throughout my career, I have pursued various educational paths. Here are a few highlights:”

Sarah Powers Insigth Yoga Training Intensive – Primary Level  Yin- Yang ( 60 hr) 

MBSR /CT Trainer- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction & Cognitive Therapy

Foundations of Yoga (50HR) Ashtanga Delight Yoga 

Essentials of Yin yoga (20HR) Delight Yoga

The Avatar Course, London & Italy 


Gabrielle Bernstein New York, Bewustzijnsschool Level 1 & 2

Nederlof Centrum, Reiki 1

Kenneth & Smith Training Management & Leadership, Conflict hantering,

Schouten & van Nelissen Effective communication skills

Kensington & Chelsea College  London, Module Psychology 

MBA, ESE London 




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I look forward to meeting you and inspiring you!”


The longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart

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