One Day Retreat – 22 September 2024


A full day of tuning in to yourself in complete tranquility. A day filled with relaxation, new perspectives, connection & inspiration!


One Day Retreat

22 September 2024 


We can all put high expectations and pressure on ourselves, striving to achieve more for our jobs, our families, and friends.

It can be exhausting, right?

Can you relate to the feeling of ‘running on empty’ ?

It’s time to make some space for yourself.

Spring represents a new start!


Indulge in a day of pure bliss in a stunning setting


A full day of tuning in to yourself in complete tranquility.

In a safe and beautiful environment, surrounded by nature. 

Learn to establish a better connection with yourself.

  With practical exercises &

Breath work

Meditations en visualisations

Yin Yoga

Mindfulness Training

Delicious lunch & snacks 


During this special day, you will work intensively with exercises in a small group, within a trusted and secure environment, designed to bring more energy, inspiration, and self-awareness. Transition from your mind to your heart.

We will begin at 10:00 AM and conclude at 5:00 PM. In the afternoon, you will be treated to a delightful lunch, and there will be plenty of snacks available throughout.

No prior experience with yoga or meditation is necessary; the exercises are suitable for everyone.

Happy Customers

You are taken on a very special journey. I feel stronger and more relaxed.

I had no idea what this could do, but I am very grateful for this day!

Carola ensures that you feel safe and cared for. A true investment in yourself.

Floor Kotkamp

The One Day Retreat was very valuable for me!

The guidance was really great: Carola approaches it with love, positive energy & compassion.

The creative aspect appealed to me greatly. I left feeling relaxed & with positive new ideas. Highly recommended!

Nicole Smolders

An incredibly inspiring and meaningful day under professional guidance at a beautiful location. It provided me with direction and helped gain certain insights. Highly recom-mended for everyone!

It’s more than just that one day; it’s an experience that everyone should treat themselves to!

Arianne Logher

 A beautiful location surrounded by nature

The one-day retreat will take place at a special location for relaxation and inspiration in a wooded area in Vogelenzang. Oohm is the ideal place to find inner peace, starting right from the journey there.

Throughout the day, you will be provided with tea /coffee, snacks, and a delightful lunch will be served.

The one-day retreat will proceed with a minimum of 6 participants.”

What you gain from it


You will be going home with more space in your body & mind, leading to fresh insights & positive energy.

A day filled with relaxation, new perspectives, connection & inspiration!

Looking forward meeting you!